If you are interested in trying Dru yoga and would like to discuss any special needs or concerns that you have before coming to an existing class, then please do contact me. My classes can be geared to all levels of ability (and mobility) and are for all age groups. I also offer seated 'chair yoga' classes where appropriate for people with mobility limitations. For those people who are perhaps too busy to fit in with the normal class schedule I can offer one to one classes. These are also sometimes helpful for absolute beginers wanting some intensive coaching.

I am also keen to hear from people wanting to start yoga classes for their own particular social or
professional group. The benefits of yoga are increasingly being appreciated by busy professionals as well as sportmen and sportswomen at all levels. A number of companies are also now seeing the benefits of yoga in helping staff well-being and performance and are supporting classes at the workplace. For example, I have recently provided after training relaxation classes for a kick-boxing group and am just starting a 'Yoga for Golfers' class at a local golf club and an after school class for a group of tired and stressed school teachers and staff.


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