Dru is a gentle yet powerful therapeutic style of yoga which is particularly beneficial for relieving stress and promoting well-being. The sequences and posture work help to increase flexibility and strength; they can significantly improve postural and back problems. When we begin to incorporate breath work, visualisations and affirmations the benefits then begin to be felt at deeper levels.

Dru yoga was developed in the 1980's emerging out of the ancient Indian yogic tradition. Classic asanas are practised and taught in ways which enable everyone to access the physical movements within their capabilities, acknowledging that we all have different bodies. Dru is characterised by the soft, flowing sequences which encourage and enable the energy body to flow. It is a style which not only brings awareness to the breath but which also directs the breath and incorporates classic pranayama practices. Visualisations are fundamental to Dru yoga. As teachers we structure our classes in order to stretch and strengthen the body physically, to calm the mind through matching the movement with the breath, focusing on the still point within us and allowing deep relaxation to take place. The total experience is one of empowerment and well being.

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